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How To Get A Dog To Stop Barking

You may dread a knock at the door because your dog will start barking and will not stop for what feels like forever. It’s embarrassing and stressful when barking dogs make conversations and interactions impossible. So, how to get your dog to stop barking?

You can get any dog to stop barking by implementing the three-step methodology of operant conditioning – positive reinforcement/positive discouragement, negative reinforcement/negative discouragement. Using mainly body language while training and ensuring your dog always has a job to do.

I’ve trained my gundogs and sight-hunting dogs using a whistle and hand commands. The bonus with these breeds is that they don’t bark much in the home environment, but other breeds are more prone, so is this something you can train without help? Let’s find out.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Barking?

The most straightforward answer on how you get a dog to stop barking would be to have an on/off switch. Still, we are talking about a man’s best friend, a four-legged family member, and they don’t have that facility, or do they?

Some large dog schools and website training tips would typically promote the following instructions:

  • Immediate Sit/Stay command – This is supposed to train any dog to sit and stay on the verbal commands.
  • Rewards-based training – giving a treat every time the dog complies with the command.
  • Clicker/Reward training – A clicker is used, and a treat is given when the command is followed.
  • Crating when disobeying – This training style is like putting a dog in time out every time they disobey and can be highly destructive.
  • Shock collar training – This style uses a harmful method of training a dog by sending an electric vibration impulse every time the dog barks unnecessarily.

A dog can be taught many commands but can also unlearn bad habits picked up by the wrong training. However, dogs trained using the wrong method can worsen, and this is what you want to avoid.

There are advanced methods that are highly recommended by a training school I would encourage you to check out, and they are the K9 Training Institute.

Before we discover more about this tremendous K9 training school that prides itself on gentle and non-harsh approaches to dog training, we should look at the root cause of the problem.

Why Does My Dog Not Stop Barking?

A dog that does not stop barking can have several root causes, and to correct them, we need to identify the ‘why.’ Some common causes are:

Breed-specific trait in Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Beagles, and German Shepherds


Fear or anxiety

Aggression toward other dogs, animals, or humans

Alerting the owner of danger

Developing a method to get negative attention.

Now that’s not something you hear every day. So is that type of negative behavior from a dog even possible?

Dogs are brilliant and can, without a doubt, bark non-stop to get your attention. That is one of the behaviors that must be corrected.

I always consider how I would feel if my neighbor’s dog barked non-stop or how nerve-wracking it is walking a dog that barks at everyone non-stop. It can make you feel like a bad owner.

Other contributing factors are only sometimes considered, like getting a puppy before 8 to 10 weeks. The mom teaches her puppies dog manners and behaviors between 6 to 10 weeks, and many puppies are sold at 6 weeks, missing out on this crucial developmental stage.

While a dog owner should never dismiss a dog that barks before investigating unless your dog is alerting you to danger, incessant barking should be corrected as fast and gently as possible.

Best Training Methods To Stop A Dog Barking

The best training methods to stop a dog from barking move away from what we were taught decades ago and provide a gentler and non-harsh approach.

So, since the decades-old basic command structures were built on the SIT/STAY foundation, what training methods are you supposed to use? The K9 Training Institute uses the following principles –

  • Non-verbal commands and body language prompts.
  • A behavioral psychology protocol called Operant Conditioning, and you don’t need to be a highly trained expert to master it.
  • A specially formulated 6-step process that’s typically an insider service dog trainer’s secret.

That’s a tall order considering some dogs seem untrainable. Still, on the K9 website, there is video evidence showing the incredible transformation the free training course has on dogs after only 2 weeks.

The most impressive videos are the two that concentrate on dogs that bark at a knock on the door and a dog that barks at other dogs non-stop while walking. Two weeks later and both dogs’ behaviors have entirely changed.

So how did they do that without using the conventional methods, and how can a regular dog owner achieve these results? The only way to put the statements to the test is to join the free online masterclass, so I did, and here is what I found.

The free K9 Total Transformation Masterclass guarantees the following results –

Your dog’s mindset will change from doing its own thing to pleasing its owner in a similar fashion to a service dog.

Your dog will behave suberbly in a public setting.

Your dog will listen to only you, even at a distance.

Your dog will always seek your guidance when out and in the house.

When walking, your dog will constantly focus on you, seeking eye contact for reassurance.

Even in high-stress situations, your dog will remain focused and calm.

You will not have to use treats to get your dog to listen.

The constant barking at a knock on the door or barking at other dogs and people when walking will be a distant memory as your dog is completely transformed.

When Do You Need Help With Training Your Dog?

I’m an expert in training the dogs I use for their purpose, but I’m not afraid to admit this: I don’t know everything and am not afraid to ask for help.

Unfortunately, my personal expertise stops at getting my hunting dogs to work in the field. I’m not a behavior expert concerning this training style which is why I enjoy learning all the time.

Since enrolling in the free online masterclass, I have learned several non-harsh and gentle training methods to help my dogs.

Alright, you say, but I have an average dog, not a service dog or obedience star. How will this advanced method work for me? You only need to ask yourself a few questions to help you make the most sensible decision for you and your pup:

Does my dog bark at any noise?

Does my dog bark non-stop at other dogs, cats, birds, and people?

Can I get my dog to stop barking unless I shout or eliminate the source?

Do I dread going out in public with my dog because of their barking habit?

Do I want a less stressful environment for myself and my dog?

What will I lose if I enroll in the K9 Training Institute’s free online training workshop?

When you answered honestly to these questions and want to help your dog stop barking for no reason, you should not delay and do what I did, enroll yourself in the free class as soon as possible.

The training is thorough, and you will not have to spend hours a day with your dog. Only 15 minutes a day is required, the same time it takes to make a good sandwich or read a few emails.

Besides getting your dog to stop barking, there are other benefits I noticed with the free training – I own a breed of dogs that can be very headstrong and dominant – the following bad habits and behavioral issues can also be eliminated:

Pulling on the leash while walking

Ignoring you when called

Jumping up on guests or other dogs

Accidents inside the house

Chewing or ripping up furniture or other objects besides their toys

Begging for food while you are eating

Chasing other dogs, cats, or wildlife uncontrolled

Biting or nipping when playing or when being touched

Running out the door as soon as it opens instead of waiting

Not listening in general



Can My Older Dog Be Trained To Stop Barking Using The Course?

Dogs of any age can be trained following the K9 Training Institute’s free online masterclass.

Can I Use Treats To Get My Dog To Stop Barking?

The use of treats when training your dog to stop barking is not encouraged. Instead, the three-step methodology helps your dog listen even if no treats are available.

I Have PTSD. Will This Help My Dog Be More Like A Service Dog?

The free K9 online masterclass is designed to assist dogs in behaving more like service dogs, helping persons with PTSD greatly.

Can Any Breed Of Dog Be Trained To Stop Barking?

Any dog breed can be trained to stop barking in a few weeks by following the three-step system by the K9 training institute.


After watching the online training masterclass by the K9 Training Institute and implementing the first few steps when engaging my dog, the reaction is immediately noticeable. These expert trainers’ gentle and non-harsh approach eliminates the conventional methods. It exposes the secret I wish I had known decades ago.

Alternatives like K9TI might be better because it aims to train dogs to be as obedient as service dogs while using all quadrants of operant conditioning where appropriate. Additionally, K9TI does not use rewards alone to train dogs; in this way, they teach dogs to be more naturally obedient.

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